I got nostalgic a little bit this morning and went to find a clip of legendary broadcaster Harry Caray singing a little 7th inning stretch. Instead, I found this gem in which Harry goes off on the makers of Cracker Jack and proposes a full investigation of false business practices. Yes, he’s salty about missing […]

I woke up early this morning on the West Coast and started the normal routine. Flip a light, start making coffee and fire up the radio. In my half-awake state, I heard the final sentences of a topic on The Dan Patrick Show on FOX Sports Radio. I heard the words “Hall of Fame posthumously.” […]

I recently had a link forwarded to me that took me back to the sandlot. I was a crafty southpaw and slap hitter as a youngster, far earlier than anybody should have carried either of those tags. The decision was made that contact was better than the big fly, hence I didn’t make full use […]