The Derek Jeter farewell tour continued this week in Seattle, and naturally there had to be a gift bestowed upon the future Hall of Famer. Jeter received a gift from his former double play partner Robinson Cano, who presented him with a $34,000 watch. The watch was of the Jay-Z Hublot line.


It’s another in the ever-expanding run of Jimmy Fallon viral videos. Former Yankees star Robinson Cano returned to New York and paid a visit to “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” before his Seattle Mariners took on the New York Yankees. New Yorkers were asked if they’d “Boo” Cano in his return to the Bronx […]

Welcome to the beginning of the Fantasy Baseball season. Following a brief hiatus to decompress after a hectic football season and the glory of Super Bowl XLVII, it’s time to turn the page and get back onto the diamond. I am rolling through position-by-position to load up the first-look fantasy rankings for the 2013 […]

1 Robinson Cano 2 Ian Kinsler 3 Dustin Pedroia 4 Dan Uggla 5 Brandon Phillips 6 Chase Utley 7 Howie Kendrick 8 Ben Zobrist 9 Michael Young 10 Rickie Weeks 11 Ryan Roberts 12 Danny Espinosa 13 Dustin Ackley 14 Jason Kipnis 15 Michael Cuddyer 16 Jemile Weeks 17 Jose Altuve 18 Neil Walker 19 […]