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Harmon takes to the studio desk to shake his fist in anger over some first-quarter failures in fantasyland. Which draft season stars let you down? Video: Inside Fantasy: First Quarter Busts


Harmon rolled into the studio mere moments after Jay Glazer unleashed his report on Julio Jones’ foot injury. Jones made one of the best catches of the 2013 season earlier in the Monday night loss to the New York Jets. He breaks out waiver wire pickups and the implications of Jones’ absence on this Atlanta […]

If you mention the words “hamburger” or “burger joint” to a group of people in Los Angeles, you’re going to start an argument. There are many options available, from gastropubs to local mom and pop stands to the unavoidable large chains. I’d toss “Umami Burger” and “Bouzy” (a bar/grill down in the Beach Cities) into […]