To arm you with brilliance for the proverbial water cooler, here’s a look-see at the Target leaders from the 2010 season (50 or more on the season). Roddy White led the way, with most of your usual fantasy heroes onboard. Brandon Lloyd was one of the most surprising stories of the season, as he and […]

The Broncos jettisoned head coach Josh McDaniels on Monday, one day after Denver sustained another tough defeat. This time out, Denver dropped a low-scoring affair on the road in Kansas City. Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd joined our friends at 104.3 The Fan in Denver to discuss the situation, how he heard about the news and […]

Each and every week, we dissect teams, players, injuries and individual matchups ad nausea. We try to find the holes in a defensive secondary or gaps in the trenches. No matter how well things play out according to plan, a single play can make all of your right “gut” feelings, the astute analysis and projections […]

I want to give a nod to Baltimore running Ray Rice, who took on a huge workload for the victorious Ravens. Rice piled up a sizable touch count and scored twice against a strong Denver run defense to help the Ravens coast to victory. However, I have to look at this from the Fantasy angle. […]

Here’s your Target data for Week 4 of the NFL season. This week, a number of tight ends rank among the top targets in the game. 1. Reggie Wayne, IND: 19 2. Brandon Lloyd, DEN: 18 3. LeSean McCoy, PHI: 15 3. Terrell Owens, CIN: 15 5. Mark Clayton, STL: 14 6. Zach Miller, OAK: […]