Did you miss the debut of Adam Carolla’s new show on SPEED? Here’s a look at The Car Show.

One of the things I do every day – it’s a veritable ritual – as I sit down to put my thoughts to paper to dissect stats, matchups and the news of the day, is to fire up the iTunes and get inspired by the bile, the vitriol, the unique world view of Adam Carolla. […]

Earlier this week, I saw the first reference to the LeBron James “Free Agency Summer Jam” or whatever it’s being called. Can we add a couple musical acts for this hour-long special? Maybe find someone that Elton John hasn’t played with yet, or let Ron Artest sing his “Champion” song? Seriously, it’s great PR and […]

On Monday, I was setting the DVR to tape “Dancing With The Stars.” I felt as though I’d been transported into the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” as the DVR questioned the move. “Are you sure?” Don’t judge me. You already set me up with “Project Runway” every week. Tape the show. Forget that I […]