Listeners to our FOX Sports Radio show on Sunday mornings (9am-12pm ET), “The Fantasy Freaks,” and fanboys who spend time thinking of the leading ladies from their favorite Saturday morning or prime time shows will celebrate. The glory of television syndication allows us to revisit the past and celebrate those shows (catch BMW on MTV2). But, the success of the show in syndication might be bringing us more.

The “Topanga! Topanga! Topanga!” drop always elicits a response in the Twitter-verse, and that drop has been used liberally on-air for the past couple months. Imagine our pure joy when a new item hit the Hollywood blogs heading into the weekend. There is talk that “Boy Meets World” will be resurrected and center around the child of Cory and Topanga Matthews. That’s all fine and good. It brings the return of Danielle Fishel (@daniellefishel) and one of the smarter-written teen shows we’ve seen.

BMW to return? Topanga, Topanga, Topanga

We’ve talked to Mario Lopez (he of the growing Seacrest-like empire) on the show. I want to share my Tiffani Thiessen story with Tiffani Thiessen (when she’s not too busy) and hang with Soleil Moon Frye.

We can surely mix our love of pop culture in with our gridiron heroes, right?