The “Road to Swoll” is on in southern California. I don’t suspect that I’ll see much of a difference in my huge head, but we’re working on an overall reduction in 2012. I believe that I still have a few blitzes left in me for the annual turkey bowl, and perhaps I’ll get a look-see during my annual training camp tour. OK, so I’ll be better prepared when that extra question instigates a run from an enraged linebacker.

In the coming weeks, I’ll track my progress on the site. I’ll post the workout log.

I won’t be able to hide it. You should be able to see a difference (I hope).

The biggest problem I’ve experienced during previous attempts to institute a new world order is that I’m usually ravenous post-workout. Crack jokes if you must. Sitting at a desk pumping out column inches, blogs, radio appearances and podcasts usually results in the acquisition of extra inches around the midsection.

I would routinely complete a strenuous workout on the treadmill or ellipse and make bad choices in the post-gym meal or evening beverages. As a result, I sabotaged all of the work in the gym.

• I did the cardio.
• I lifted the weights.
• I looked foolish trying to jump rope and work on the core. (I know it’s important and it works. I still feel silly in front of the large mirrors.)

I believe that I’ve discovered at least a partial solution to my trappings. In addition to the app for my phone that aids in tracking calories, I’m going down the supplement route.

I’ve used a bunch over time to varying results. Of course, it’s my fault that they didn’t stick (or perhaps they were dubious to begin with). Motivation, dedication, many -ations.

It can be summed up with one word #Fail.

A friend of mine shipped me something to try called XAPP and wanted to know what I thought.

Here’s the skinny on the product itself.

It’s a dual system of carbonated protein drinks designed for pre- and post-workout.

Each can is 100 calories with just one gram of carbohydrates (that number alone should pique your interest) given our propensity to load up on bread, tortillas and such. It contains 25 grams of protein (whey) to aid the recovery process and replenishes the electrolytes lost during training. The nutritional aid is the same whether you’re diving into the “Energy” or “Recovery” product.

The “Energy” drink goes the extra distance for my world. Often sleep-deprived because of the early-rising habits of children or making a call-in to east coast radio stations, I’m fixated on and addicted to caffeine. Regular readers and visitors to my radio and video work know of my reliance and adoration of coffee. Happily, I don’t give in to the high-calorie concoctions available at the purveyors of caffeinated beverages that align the roads too terribly often. But, the temptation is always there during meetings or while running errands or as a result for the aforementioned early starts. This has helped curb the urge with the caffeine boost.

The litmus test is always: How does it taste? The drink comes in a fruit punch flavor and goes down well. The carbonation gives you the soda feel but also takes the heaviness out of the whey protein. I have to admit. There is a little bit of an aftertaste from the sucralose. It’s not overwhelming, but I know some have an aversion to it.

The drinks are intended to be consumed cold, so storage is something that you have to consider as well.

Find information on the product at .

I like the early returns on the product, and now it’s time to put it to the full test.

Keep an eye on the Dome for weekly updates on the “Road to Swoll: 2012.”