It seems that every week I’m seeing a new advertisement hailing the arrival of the next superhero film. As I started to wind down from Fourth of July festivities, I was assailed by the next wave of ads.

The next player to step up to bat is “The Captain.” Chris Evans dons the iconic red, white and blue uniform and shield. “Iron Man” and its sequel obviously set the box office aflame, both domestically and abroad.

Other films have been met with tepid responses. Some, like “Green Lantern,” have felt the wrath of critics and have generated smallish box office returns. You have “The Green Hornet” and “Thor” in there as well. You can rattle them off as well as I can.

I know that there are the usual “can’t-miss” prospects on the way. The next “Batman” movie is coming. “Superman” and “Spider-Man” (no Broadway jokes here) are getting rebooted. “The Avengers” will get the band together for a big run. Maybe Samuel L. Jackson will break out a rendition of “Go the **** to sleep!”

I don’t pretend to have the knowledge to run the gamut of the comic book universe. I am versed in the classic characters and some of the new ones, but the more obscure and underground books have not crossed my desk. I have friends who are immersed in the comic book world and who dissect these films as I do NFL games. This summer, I’m particularly sorry that I won’t be able to hit up Comic-Con later this month. A long-awaited vacation coincides with that week, so I’m hopeful they’ll come back with great footage and stories.

In this blog entry, I’m putting the spotlight of some of the side characters and forgotten members of this grand “superhero” genre. Here are five movies I want to have made … or at least have a run-in with a dude dressed in the garb when I traverse into Hollywood.

1. Wonder Twins — I thought this was a given when that cool metal effect was introduced in T2. I even wrote a treatment for a film many years ago. Think about the visual possibilities.

2. Plastic Man — Again, the CGI world would make this an interesting effects-filled romp. And, you can get a little crazy with the comedy as well. Hey, they kept bringing back the damn Klumps with Eddie Murphy.

Plastic Man Intro

3. Wonder Woman — Everyone fears the “Catwoman” effect. Obviously, the fact that a proposed TV return got shelved doesn’t help, but let’s go! Get Megan Fox or Rhona Mitra or perhaps Zoe Saldana or Mila Kunis in the suit — and let’s get it on.

Wonder Woman

4. The Legion of Doom — Gorilla Grodd, Bizarro, Brainiac, Solomon Grundy, Lex Luthor and a host of others. There’s so much to be done with this mix of villains. Add in the normal Batman foes of Scarecrow, The Joker (how to reintroduce post-Ledger?) and The Riddler and you’ve got bank.

5. Aquaman — “Entourage” had a ton of run with this a few years back and there was actually a proposed TV show with Lou Diamond Phillips and Ving Rhames. Check the following link for a trailer.

Aquaman Pilot

And one for good measure …

Bring me some new Flash Gordon action. There was a short-lived run of a new imaging of Mongo. I still recall seeing the 1980 film on the big screen with the bold Queen soundtrack and Sam J. Jones as the New York Jets quarterback turned intergalactic savior. Cast Mark Sanchez and let’s get it rolling. Hell, Max Van Sydow is still acting at 82. Bust out the mustache wax and wacky capes.

You remember it … don’t play with me
How about Hawkman? Green Arrow?

Well, the possibilities are endless. I saw an ad for The Smurfs just now, and I’m ready for some new NPH fare. Maybe I’ll ramble off cartoon ideas tomorrow.

Now, where’s that Wonder Twins script at?