Forget the ratings for a moment (0.4), SharkNado was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in front of a television for while a while. I loved the second-screen viewing experience that it became in the Twitterverse, as many of the nation’s greatest, most accomplished sportswriters came together to entertain the masses. There were reportedly 350,000 Tweets fired off about the film, per IMDB.com.

I will have a long-winded sermon about this summer fun on FOX Sports Radio Sunday morning, but I felt compelled to evangelize this morning. Forget the sea of people referencing the movie who didn’t watch 30 seconds of it, I watched it. It’s clearly not high art, nor does it seek to be. It stars a few actors you remember, led by Ian Ziering of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Tara Reid of the American Pie series. But, it’s all about the CGI and how to get as many CGI and model sharks into ridiculous situations while taking the southern California coast to hell. I mean. Who doesn’t want to see the 405 freeway decimated.

Oh, and Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch is in the mix.

Here’s a gif of Ian Ziering’s big finish to sell you in case you missed it.

I want in on the sequel.

See you for “Ghost Shark” in August.