We at the FOX Fantasy Football show are enjoying a tremendous run this year & absolutely love the interaction that we have through the phone lines and Twitter-verse. This forum has allowed us to make friends across many fields. Fantasy football and our weekly trips into collective celebration or confusion (depression as the losses pile up … ) create a common bond and allow us to roll up smack-talking rants, derisive comments and best school and television references of the past 30-40 years. What era is “Great Googly Moogly!” from?

I digress.

I’m honored to have established a connection in this football and wiseacre world with some of the funniest folks going. As you know, I love passion. Football. Your kids. Your environment. Your dog. Your job. Whatever it is. Go hard or go home.

That’s why I appreciate the back and forth I’ve had with “The Office” star and Soul Pancake founder Rainn Wilson and his black ops emissary in our Freaks Invitational league for the show, artist Mike Mitchell, who has run off a perfect 5-0 record to the start the season.

I don’t often veer off of the football, sports & entertainment runs on the site, but I want to call out their efforts for an important cause next week in Seattle .

Rainn Wilson will host this evening of music and comedy with special guests: The Presidents of the United States of America doing a special rare acoustic performance, Craig Robinson (the Office, Hot Tub Time Machine), Sean Nelson (ex lead singer for Harvey Danger), Andy Grammer (upcoming S curve recording artist), and more!

This takes place at The Paramount Theater in Seattle one week from Saturday with proceeds to benefit Mona Foundation . The mission statement is clear and concise.

Mona Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting grassroots educational initiatives and raising the status of women and girls worldwide.

** Here’s the big point — We give 100% of all designated funds and 97% of contributions to General Fund directly to the projects we support.

Rainn and his friends (with some special guests TBA) will combine music and comedy to bring you a huge night of entertainment.

Support the cause if you can, and if you’re in Seattle, go check out the dinner, show or after-party. Meet some of your favorites, compare fantasy stories and help a great cause that brings this world a little closer. After spending hours glued to your television during the rescue of miners in Chile, the world probably seems a little more connected and smaller. Let’s hold it together a little tighter.

Mike Mitchell presents a legend