On Tuesday night, I sat down to participate in another Fantasy Football Draft in anticipation of an on-time 2011 NFL season. I joined an esteemed panel of know-it-alls, including fantasy hero Maurice Jones-Drew, to match wits and throw another log onto the fire with hopes of getting this 2011 season popping.

I drew the No. 1 slot for this draft. I can’t say that I was terribly excited to see that on the board. Call me weird, but I like selecting at the back-end of the round. I just do. When you select from the top of the board, your avenues are limited. You choose correctly and at least get yourself on the right path to a playoff run or, as the poor guys found out in Raiders, bad things happen if you “chose poorly.” At the back-end of the round, there’s a freedom to the movement and choices.

So, I drafted Adrian Peterson first overall. The person drafting from the second slot immediately typed “Thank you” into the chat window. I sat muttering foul things under my breath for the rest of the draft.

Without further ado, here’s my squad.

1. Adrian Peterson, MIN
2. Miles Austin, DAL
3. Mike Wallace, PIT
4. Shonn Greene, NYJ
5. Knowshon Moreno, DEN
6. Matt Ryan, ATL
7. Steve Smith (CAR?)
8. Randy Moss, TBD
9. Mikel Leshoure, DET
10. Brandon Pettigrew
11. Earl Bennett, CHI
12. Chicago Bears
13. Kyle Orton, DEN (banked on a trade)
14. Toby Gerhart, MIN
15. Sebastian Janikowski, OAK
16. Anthony Armstrong, WAS