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We spent much of the offseason discussing player safety and changes to the rules regarding hits. Recently, the NFL agreed to a $765 million settlement with former players. The bulk of the discussion has been focused on concussions, head trauma and CTE.

Week 1 brought a boatload of offense with 63 touchdown passes and thrilling, fast-paced games. Of course, it didn’t not go down without several controversial moments and some dubious officiating.

Unfortunately, the first week of the NFL season didn’t pass without safety coming back to the forefront of the discussion. It wasn’t a hit by a linebacker or safety on a traditional defensive play. It wasn’t a blitz or a blow to the head of a defenseless receiver or quarterback. No, repeat offender Ndamukong Suh is back in the news following a low block during an interception return.

Suh’s disciplinary history had many pundits speculating about a possible suspension Instead, he was fined $100,000.

Was it enough? The play cost the Lions a touchdown and set a record for on-field fines. Vikings center John Sullivan discussed his health (he expects to be ready for Week 2 against Chicago) and the play with the media.

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