Poll your friends the next time you’re out at the local watering hole and pondering the music playing over the speakers. If you sit long enough to consume multiple beverages or a round of karaoke breaks out, then you’ll likely hear the well-traveled Jimmy Buffett tunes. The inevitable debate regarding the merits of “Margaritaville” will ensue.

And you may not like the message, the music or “Parrotheads,” but you cannot deny the genius of Buffett and his marketing empire. Like Wile E. Coyote, he deserves the “Super Genius” tag. His concerts sell out because of songs written long, long ago, and fans have built a community that rivals anything put together during the Grateful Dead’s heyday.

The latest in the “Margaritaville” bar and grill opened in Atlantic City. This article from the Yahoo! Finance page reveals the genius of this marketing machine.

Look at the product line on Margaritaville.com.