Fans, pundits and athletes, current and former, have spoken about the shocking death of Junior Seau. I was set to record a podcast when the news broke, news that put me into a strange state. I was rendered speechless. Everyone who knows me understands that that phenomenon just doesn’t happen often.

I tried to take it all in. Each story and remembrance of Seau and his acts of charity and friendship left me pondering the larger issues of depression and suicide. It’s too early to make the leap that football and injuries sustained during his lengthy NFL career are the root cause. Analysis will be done on his brain and will help to fill in some of the answer.

But, the answer will never be complete.

Of all the interviews I’ve heard/seen or transcripts read on the issue, Marcellus Wiley’s appearance on ESPN and the following piece from USA Today with Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton resonated with me. Walton had spoken openly in the past about his own thoughts of suicide when a back injury left him bed-ridden for a long period.

Bill Walton talks about Junior Seau’s death .