Every time I traverse the Hollywood news sites or catch an entertainment piece on the local news, it seems that another group of production pirates are looting my childhood. This evening, I put the ribbon on another fantasy column for FOXSports.com and decided to catch up on the news of the day. I’d already read my share of economic write-ups, so it was time for entertainment and sports wraps.

And then, I saw this … Hong Kong Phooey with Eddie Murphy in the works

Alcon Entertainment will produce the adaptation of the Hanna Barbera cartoon, a dog that is janitor by day and that fights crime using classic karate moves at night. You’re messing with Scatman!

And, they’re doing it with Eddie Murphy! Why is he the go-to guy? Can’t another actor scream and yell and lend voice to an animated animal or interact with CGI gerbils?

Can they just find enough tape of Scatman to do some digital magic?