December 22, 2011

White Castle Adding Adult Menu?

I spent many late nights in my South Side Chicago upbringing in search of a late-night burrito or a sack of White Castle hamburgers. Post-ballgame meals left you with few options and, well, quantity usually trumped “quantity” in those moments.

The term “slider” had its meaning and was part of a Chicago language all its own. That term has been co-opted and slapped on a number of products to promote the concept of “mini-hamburgers.”

But are you going to steam your burger, slap on a pickle and eat a dozen in the comfort of your own home? OK, then perhaps I underestimate you. Bravo.

Now comes word that White Castle is tinkering with some new things in Indiana. A Lafayette location has something on the new menu called “Blaze Modern BBQ” and is pairing the food with alcoholic beverages. It’s a new world order. Would you shift your fast food allegiance with this development?

A New White Castle?