We’ve seen him skip and smile and fist-pump and sprint around the field after countless big plays and touchdown strikes.

On Sunday, fans in Minnesota had hardly settled into their seats when they saw Brett Favre hit from behind and smashed to the turf. He left the game with a shoulder injury and did not return.

Tarvaris Jackson entered the game and enthralled fantasy owners by actually chucking the ball downfield to find Sidney Rice. It some something we hadn’t seen since his return, a fact that forced me and many fantasy owners to leave Rice on their benches. Instead, it looked like a flashback to 2009 where Rice was going up, over and through defenders to haul in passes seemingly everywhere.

That isn’t to say Jackson was perfect, as he threw multiple interceptions, But, even with Percy Harvin sidelined, he was willing to throw those moonballs downfield to Rice and allow his receivers to make plays. He exhibited a confidence, a cockiness, that we haven’t seen in awhile. Even Favre wasn’t taking those shots deep in recent weeks.

For that reason, Jackson’s got to be the guy going forward. I know we respect the streak, without question. But, the time has come. Leslie Frazier said that Favre is his guy, if healthy and unavailable. MRI results on his shoulder are pending.

I just believe you had the closure on Sunday. You had a blowout win. The “new” guy (at least as new as you’re getting in 2010) guided the team to a win, and the team played a complete game.

The next three games (NYG, CHI and @PHI) have huge playoff implications in the NFC. See if the kid is up to the task. See what you have for 2011. Obviously, you’re moving parts and more than likely drafting somebody. Why not explore what another year in MIN has meant?

I submit that Favre was doing a wave to the fans from the sidelines as he left the field. Despite the post-game press conference chatter, did it have another meaning?