I’ll be the first to admit that the seemingly never-ending run of Super Bowl commercials featuring the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club” became irksome.

Perhaps it was a function of jealousy. I mean, that’s a pretty impressive run for anything in this world.

Perhaps it was just a trigger for self-loathing because the television was left on too frequently. Time well-wasted, right?

Whatever the case, I was taken aback when I’d heard that one of the members, Bob Cook, had taken ill prior to this year’s matchup between Pittsburgh and Green Bay and wouldn’t be able to attend. The 79-year old Cook was admitted to a Milwaukee hospital before the game and watched with his family. He died this past Thursday.

So, while we may have had our fill of the ads and talk of “Mr. Excitement,” I propose a toast to this group and those who put the campaign together.

Stand back and think about it for a minute. How many things come about each year that get you fired up and capture your imagination, make you want to pack your bags and fork over such cash?