Yeonis Cespedes, Dayan Viciedo and the The Dodgers reportedly signed Cuban defector Yasiel Puig, a 6-foot-3, 21-year-old outfielder. writer Jesse Sanchez reports that the deal is worth an estimated $42 million over seven years and that the Dodgers trumped offers from both Chicago squads.

That’s payback for the failed trade attempt to acquire Kevin Youkilis!

Sanchez had established temporary residence in Mexico and was ultimately granted free agent status. Puig batted .330 with 17 home runs and 78 RBI in his last action for the Cienfuegos (I need to get a hat) in 2010. He has been unable to play for the past two seasons after being disciplined for attempting to defect.

The timing of the move opens the door for myriad jokes, with the headline of this article being among the easiest. The Dodgers were just swept by the rival Giants and lost their stranglehold on the top of the NL West standings after racing out to such a huge lead. The big news in this series wasn’t that the Dodgers were swept in this series. It’s that the Dodgers didn’t score.

In fact, the Dodgers have scored just 13 runs in the past nine games. The Dodgers were shut out four times and scored one run in two other games.

Matt Kemp is tracking to return to the squad after the All-Star break. RBI leader Andre Ethier just hit the disabled list because of a strained left oblique.

The Dodgers need a new bat. They just got one, but he’s not helping the cause anytime soon. What else does Ned Colletti have on tap for the deadline?