Walter Szulc Jr. decided to try his hand at paddle-boarding during a vacation to Cape Cod. Think about the feelings of calmness and peace experienced while paddling in the sun and pondering the vastness of the open water. Imagine then that the Zen moment is interrupted by people screaming, “Shark!” from the shore and a nearby kayaker alerts you of a great white shark hot on your tail.

Yeah, it sounds like something fresh out of a movie. Add Samuel L. Jackson screaming about the intelligence of the shark and you’ve got a Hollywood production.

There had been earlier shark sightings in the area, but there’s photographic evidence of the fin breaking the water to leave you disturbed. No, Photoshop was not employed for this story. The beaches were shut in the wake of this report, but have since reopened.

“You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat.”

Scientists speculate that a recent explosion in the seal population in the area is cause for the arrival of the predator. One accompanying television report that I saw estimated that as many as 300,000 seals line the shores and rock formations.

Ring the dinner bell … and keep your head on a swivel. Or, you could just enjoy Roy Scheider as Chief Brody from the comfort of your own home.