If you’re clicking on the “Purchase” link for the Green Bay Packers stock sale, remember that there are some rules that come into play as an owner.

On the plus side:

— You get to use the line “I’m an owner of the Packers” in bars. (Keep a picture of your stock certificate on your phone — remember to make that one share look like 1,000,000).
— Nobody can ever disrespect your use of “we” when describing the team. If you call in to sports talk radio (dicey now, see below), you can use “we” and not be hung up on.
— All trips to said watering hole now become tax-deductible because you’re watching, evaluating and engaging in on-site marketing regarding your product.
— You jump the season ticket waiting list in terms of getting into Lambeau Field.

On the negative side of the ledger:

— You can’t ponder trades in public watering holes as you have so freely in the past or drunk-dial sports talk radio shows. Beware those pesky tampering fines.
— You have to pick up the tabs for dinners, lunches and the aforementioned trips to the watering hole. You’re a big shot now.

But this is the one that may tip the scales …

Buyer Beware