I spent the better part of the past 48 hours updating my blurbs on the top 90 fantasy options at wide receiver. Yes, I know that there are inevitable adjustments to be made as players are injured and depth charts are updated.

I would have liked to have had the ink dry before starting to shuffle the WR3 and WR4 ranks. Steve Smith, formerly of the Giants, signed a deal to join the division rival Eagles after New York doctors declared that he had a long rehabilitation period ahead of him. The Eagles’ doctors took a look-see and tendered him an offer.

The signing adds a different element to the receiving corps. Incumbents DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin (dealing with an undisclosed illness) and Jason Avant stretch the field and work downfield. Smith is a premier route-runner with excellent hands who generally works the short and intermediate routes. If sound, Smith potentially returns to the short list of PPR heroes.

It’s one of the most dynamic and explosive receiving corps in the game. Add LeSean McCoy out of the backfield, Brent Celek at tight end and project Riley Cooper and you have a veritable conveyor belt of options.

I’ll get to updating the ranking sheets after this weekend’s run of preseason games. I suspect that Smith slides into the WR4 region of the grid (up from his first-look ranking of 55).