When you need to go suit-shopping for a wedding, business conference or big event, you’re ready (psychologically) to commit a decent-sized expenditure. You get past the “I’ll wear it once” mentality and plunk down a stack of cash or your plastic. Whether you just surrender to your surroundings or embrace the event, you suit up. (Sorry, Mr. Stinson.)

What about T-shirts? Are you an event freebie hoarder? Or do you like your styled, designer shirts?

Well, Versace has created a T-shirt for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup that will undoubtedly turn heads, make tongues wag and make you paranoid about the foodstuffs and beverages you consume. Or maybe not — check the picture.

The famed designer has released a $650 shirt to commemorate the start of this year’s tournament.

You’ll own the room and conversation.

Is it worth it?