The talk in the Twitter-verse and talk radio this morning is about the “enhanced NFL schedule” and the new CBA. What will the new 18-game mean to the NFL universe and to fantasy footballers.

Did you look for a Mark Brunell and Brian Brohm finale?

Did you have time to pick up Joe McKnight and plug him into your lineup as myriad running backs (Darren McFadden, LT, Shonn Greene and Pierre Thomas, among others) were deactivated?

It was a maddening game of chicken this morning with the flurry of injury notes coming down the pipeline. We broke out myriad crystal balls and divining rods to try and make sense of the day, and then sat back with mouths agape at kickoff.

So, we need to go back to the board room and determine a new way to utilize Week 17 as we go. Re-draft? Two-week finale?

I’ll post a poll here later on this week as we turn the page.