I’ll write more about this later. I’ll wrap my head around it while completing the day’s road work.

For now, I just need to wonder. Is Brad Childress just grasping at straws?

On Monday, the Vikings waived Moss. He’d been with the team just several weeks and had opened up the offense for Percy Harvin and the underneath routes.

I’ll roll up some more on this later, but I’m just wondering about the thought process.

What? He’s not your kind of guy after several weeks? His skills aren’t what you anticipated?

I’m picturing Humphrey Bogart as Captain Queeg in “The Caine Mutiny.” He’s standing there with the ball bearings and talking about somebody stealing strawberries.

The defense hasn’t generated big plays.

Childress continues to take the ball out of Adrian Peterson’s hands. Lay the smack down on Darrell Bevell if necessary. Give “The Beast” the ball.

He went all-in to bring Favre back. The Vikings sent a 3rd-round to New England for Moss to up the ante. Releasing Moss isn’t going to change things or deflect the detractors.

Sports radio and pundits might have some fun with Moss’ rants from Sunday.

Ultimately, the target of derision and biting commentary comes back on the coach. I’ll sharpen my tongue and pile on later.