April 5, 2010

Prediction Time for MLB

Well, there’s already one game in the books, so I can still do this without feeling much hate. After all, I’m still putting the Yankees in the mix for the playoffs.

I’m not going to put up a 9,000-word diatribe here. We’ve been banging on the position-by-position analysis of each team for months. So, I’m just getting after it.

AL West – Angels — not as clear-cut as in years past, but still enough to get it done. Will Kendrick, Wood & the youngsters deliver?
AL Central – White Sox – deep staff & one of the best setup men in the game. Williams and Guillen’s recycled players & speed experiment works
AL East – you may want to go away from them & I know the meltdown Sunday might make you nervous (CC and April don’t mix), but the Yankes will be there in the end

AL Wild Card – Welcome aboard, Rays.


NL West – Dodgers – that lineup, if healthy and the wigs are flying off shelves, is frightening. Kershaw something to behold.
NL Central – Let’s get a little crazy & shake things up. Rolling the dice with the Reds. Homer and Cueto (almost like dude from “Total Recall,” but not quite) are key.
NL East – Phils have some issues – back of the rotation & some ‘pen action, but still too much.

NL Wild Card – Gut says that Dave Duncan and company still put together a run.


AL Championship Series – White Sox vs. Yankees
NL Championship Series – Reds vs. Phillies

World Series: White Sox vs. Phillies :

Champion: White Sox

Yeah, call me a homer. Call me what you will. Beckham & Ramirez form tough middle. Pierre roams the basepaths & this team generates runs to help deep rotation & strong bullpen. Bobby Hill … err, Jenks … gets the ball frequently from Thornton and Putz. Wild card to it — call-up power from Tyler Flowers.