September 9, 2010

Playoff Prediction Time

We finally made it. So, let’s start by busting out the season predictions for the playoffs. The rest of the members of our “Fantasy Freaks Invitational” will be chiming in ahead of Sunday’s slate, but I feel bold. I feel ready to step forward and be counted.

AFC West – San Diego Chargers
AFC North -Cincinnati Bengals
AFC South -Indianapolis Colts
AFC East – New England Patriots

Wild Card 1: Baltimore
Wild Card 2: New York Jets

NFC West – Arizona Cardinals
NFC North – Green Bay
NFC South -New Orleans
NFC East -Dallas Cowboys

Wild Card 1: San Francisco
Wild Card 2: Minnesota Vikings

Conference Title Games

AFC: Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis
NFC: New Orleans vs. Green Bay

Super Bowl in Dallas

Cincinnati vs. New Orleans

New Orleans repeats ….