The glorious three-day spectacle that is the NFL Draft came to a close on Saturday afternoon. The months of rumor, conjecture and speculation ended with the selection of wide receiver Tim Toone by the Lions.

Fans will sit and criticize or laud the efforts of their respective GMs. Shrines will be built to the expected “saviors” of a franchise. You don’t think that more than a few sites have been built to welcome Sam Bradford to St. Louis? “Sam 1 Am” See. Instead of the I, we use the number one for him being the first pick ….

The Lions are building the “Unstoppable Ndamukong” or “Sweet Suh” or something of that ilk.

There are one million and one pitchmen in Denver trying to find the magical formula to get Tim Tebow onboard. I know it certainly sent the blogosphere and talk radio buzzing, and will captivate us through training camp as Tebow finds his role.

The Draftniks return to their basements to begin work on their 2011 masterpieces. Jake Locker, Andrew Luck and the other 2011 draft hopefuls are working on their games with anticipation of hearing their names called in primetime next year.

I’ll spend considerable time watching and analyzing the college game this fall on the Dome in addition to my usual vigilance on the NFL and MLB beats.

Over the next couple days, I’ll be breaking down the good, bad and ugly from the 2010 NFL Draft, including thoughts on the myriad trades that shook up the landscape.

Is the JaMarcus Russell era over in Oakland with Jason Campbell’s arrival (Campbell said flat-out that he expects to start)? Did Pete Carroll’s trade push the Seahawks back toward the top of the NFC West?

The time to break down our new heroes is at hand. Did your team do enough?

Look for new podcasts w/ special guests from around the league, Vlogs and a ton of blog posts to get you buzzing around the water cooler.