September 12, 2010

NFL Back: New Heroes Rise

Welcome back, old friend.

Amid a rush of information and activity as the countdown clock ran to zero, fantasy owners texted, Tweeted, emailed and fired off derisive comments to their fellow league members. Team “xxx” is going to run all over you.

More than a few of us in this fantasy realm banged the drum for Houston tailback Arian Foster as one of the day’s top heroes. Going against the Indy run D usually works fairly well, and well, true to form, Foster ran absolutely wild against the Colts, who were playing without Bob Sanders for much of the game. As soon as Sanders departs, opposing running games explode.

Arian Foster leads a list of new fantasy heroes to emerge (yes, we saw him at the end of 2009), but he leaps to the head of the pack following his 223-yard, two-touchdown game.

Hakeem Nicks and the brothers Manning all accounted for three touchdowns.

The Bears needed a curious call at the end of the game to beat Detroit, though Jay Cutler and Matt Forte put up mind-boggling stats. You can say it all day with me … Turnovers will kill you. Period.

I’m immersed in the three afternoon games and prepping for some video action in the realm. Following our taping, I’ll be doing quick-hit recaps of every game both in written and video form for the site. Show some love – share with your friends, and get ready for a barrage of statistics.

It’s game-time. Let’s get it on.