The regular season has now been completed, and the baseball world anticipates an exciting post-season from an unexpected field of entrants. Doesn’t some part of you wish to see a battle between the Orioles and Nationals for the World Series title?

While the playoff field was being set, the Tigers overtook the White Sox to claim a second consecutive AL Central crown. Miguel Cabrera, long acknowledged as one of the game’s elite hitters, ended a 45-year drought by winning the AL Triple Crown. The last, of course, came from Carl Yastrzemski in the 1967 season. Now the question becomes … does he win the AL MVP over Mike Trout?

Naturally, there are memorabilia possibilities galore with such a feat. Baseballs, bats with autographs and official logos will be springing forth soon enough. In the interim, you can buy a dirtbag.

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