We worried about the potential overkill of stories about Ray Lewis and the Harbaugh brothers in the two weeks leading toward the Super Bowl in New Orleans. We should have known that myriad new stories, some of the most unbelievable origins, would offer us a shield and deflect attention from those gigantic, obvious tales. As media members got ready to set foot in The Big Easy, they were forced to ponder an Oakland Super Bowl appearance from 10 years ago, the lingering Manti Te’o story and new charges that the officials on the field for the NFL’s biggest game were improperly assigned.

The NFL just cleared the Bounty issue by reinstating Sean Payton. But, now there’s, at least for the moment, some concern about Jerome Boger’s inclusion within the officiating crew. Eric Adelson of Yahoo! Sports reports that some officials are crying foul.

Ben Austro of Footballzebras.com started the line moving on this his story earlier this week.

“We have learned that it is believed in officiating circles that the Super Bowl assignment was a predetermined result and that his performance grades were fixed to attain that result.”

And you thought this would be a dull week …