February 4, 2011

Media Row Wrap: Friday Edition

As I write this, many radio stations have packed up their equipment and called it a week. Some of them scrambled to the airport to try and get home. Others loaded their equipment into their hotel rooms and went off in search of libations and other leisure activities, including myriad parties now being heavily discounted.

I spent the day working on column material and prepping for the FOX Sports Radio show that kicks off the network’s coverage of the grand finale to this NFL season. Check us out on FOXSportsRadio.com, XM 142 or your local affiliate from 9a E/6a P – 12p E/9a P on Sunday morning.

The day on Media Row was dominated by a pair of Hollywood stars, as Hugh Jackson (see image) and Adam Sandler sent the throng scrambling. Forget about the myriad current and ex-NFL players working radio row, everything stopped as they traversed the floor. It does pain me somewhat that neither actor generated the buzz of “The Situation” from earlier in the week.

If nothing else, the endless parade of sports and entertainment luminaries making their way through the giant workspace did break up the monotony of reviewing the different blitz packages and looks employed by Dom Capers and Dick LeBeau. It also took some of the heat off of the city of Dallas and its inhabitants for the current state of affairs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area related to the snow.

I kept wondering when the call to action would come. When would the pickup trucks be armed with shovels and scrapers and working the roads. Where was the Texas-sized response in the vein of the Minnesota snow shovels?

The city was under siege again Thursday night into Friday morning, when 4-6 inches of snow fell from the sky. The biggest moneymakers for the business week were the people running K-Marts, WAL-MARTs, Targets and any place that sold sweatshirts, gloves and caps (I’ve seen a curious collection, to be sure).

I’ll be curious to see if there’s a noticeable change on the streets for Friday night as I traverse the nightlife. The radio and television folks will sure be out in full force. Those reports will creep in on the Dome for tomorrow morning before I head to The DirecTV Beach Bowl.

Until then, stay warm wherever you are.