Since I live in Los Angeles, it’s assumed that I must know all the ins and outs of the latest celebrity headlines and have an opinion about them. I take to the radio to discuss the NFL or Major League Baseball and always have a quick segue down the celebri-news path.

I Tweeted out that the No. 72 has been mentioned as often in the past 48 hours as it was during William Perry’s ascent to folk hero status for the 1985 Chicago Bears. Seriously, it’s replaced 69 as the most referenced number in the Twitter-verse. Punchlines are being tested in writers’ rooms across Los Angeles. I offered on Twitter just a little while ago … “72 is the new 69.”

There’s already talk of Reggie Bush reentering the fray, and people are wondering aloud about the state of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Will this announcement strike a blow to Ryan Seacrest’s empire?

Was it all a huge publicity stunt? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t care.

Let me be the first to say — I hope that the Seacrest empire trudges on unabated. In this economy, we need as many Kardashian spinoffs as possible. Adopt a few kids. Have a ceremony whereby people become “Kardashianed.”

It’s an empire that employs a ton of cameramen, jib operators, editors, production assistants, lighting people, publicists and countless people with “Producer” titles. Add countless scribes, comedians and tabloidal specialists assigned to cover the every move of this clan and you’ve got your own micro-economy.

Since we lost the “Kim & Kris” spinoff (insert your subtitle idea), it’s time to green-light another reality series. “I Want to Be a Kardashian.” Actually, I also need to give some thought to replacing the inevitable Kim & Kris scent that would have been released. Perfume? I’m still not sure.

It could be a competition in the vein of “Battle of the Network Stars” (I needed to reach back to when Bruce Jenner was known for being a dominant athlete and Wheaties man.), a sexed-up version of “The Bachelor” with dudes in jerseys vying for Kim’s affections or just a talent contest with the sisters as judges. Frankly, I’m shocked that Khloe hasn’t been added to a panel of judges on something. That’s just a missed opportunity.

Anyway, if any version of “I Want to Be a Kardashian” is successful and runs a couple of seasons, the younger sisters will be ready for their turn in the spotlight. It’s a seemingly unending franchise that can live for years.

Is it a calculated media ploy? Maybe. If so, then salute their ingenuity and brilliance in piling up dollar bills and saying, “Made you look.” And celebrate the number of people who made bank on their backs.

Oh, wait … that came out wrong.