I shan’t write a lengthy analysis here. Those who watched Brad Childress’ press conference (check my earlier post for a link) couldn’t understand the lack of energy, enthusiasm or anything resembling positivity from the Vikings’ coach. Much has been written about this comeback and Favre’s effort to put Minnesota back into the win column.

And, Childress’ comments regarding “assurances” and “hugs” has been played everywhere. Childress later reached out to reporters to say that he was joking.

I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that he was Stephen Wright. Deadpan humor, wait for nervous chuckles or something? I don’t know that gallows humor is the way to go given the way things have been swirling in Minnesota all season. I’m sure I’m not the first to point out the similarity in tone, but it’s uncanny.

If the players and organization get his sense of humor (evidently the NFL-watching world and every reporter, scribe, pundit and commentator doesn’t), then that’s fine. He certainly sold the line by keeping his stoic facial expression. The organization has to close ranks and get in line. If this is part of the dynamic, then so be it.

Fans can’t wait for the post-game conference for Week 10. Either Brad Childress or Lovie Smith takes to the podium in defeat.