One of the events that kick off Super Bowl week in New Orleans was the Moves Magazine party hosted by Jay Glazer to benefit The Wounded Warriors Project. Event Producer Stephanie Jones made The Metropolitan the top spot in the city as football stars streamed into the event. The dance floor was mobbed and a raucous crowd sang along to the tunes being spun by DJ Scram Jones.

As players, broadcasters and Hollywood stars made their way down the carpet, they were asked at least once, “What brought you here?” Without hesitation, everyone responded, “Glazer.”

It was an event chock-full of A-list current and former NFL players mixing it up with members of the FOX Sports family. There’s always something to be said for end-of-year events. Players whose teams failed to make the playoffs are several weeks removed from game action and usually offer blunt commentary of their respective teams’ issues. They embrace that short period before the next training cycle begins and celebrate the grand party that is Super Bowl week.

One of my favorite moments of the night was the quick conversation I had with Hall of Famer and Dial Global broadcaster James Lofton. We talked about the biggest stories of the week, including Colin Kaepernick, Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco.

James Lofton At Moves Magazine with Jay Glazer