September 26, 2010

FMC: Mark Ingram Carries The Tide

If you watched Saturday’s slugfest between Alabama and Arkansas, you probably got caught up in the emotion and swings of this game, whether or not you have any affiliation or love for the SEC. I bleed the purple of Northwestern, and even I couldn’t sit and watch the slate of terrible games proffered by the Big 10 on Saturday (seriously, that was an ugly slate of matchups).

So, in-between refereeing the kiddie pool fights on the patio, I sat back and watched the Alabama-Arkansas game with the UCLA-Texas contest in the PIP screen. Before my seat even got warm, Ryan Mallett connected with Ronnie Wingo on a 43-yard touchdown strike. Two plays, 50 seconds and we’re talking about the wonder of Mallett.

In the end, the Alabama defense limited the Arkansas offense to just three second-half points. Mallett finished the day with 357 yards, a rushing touchdown and three interception – including a crushing blow down the stretch.

The Tide handed the ball to Mark Ingram and said – lead. Ingram sprinted for a 54-yard touchdown in the first quarter. He would later assume the title of workhorse, finishing the game with 24 carries, 157 yards and the one-yard touchdown plunge that capped the comeback with 3:39 remaining.

Ingram’s played in two games, piling up 33 attempts for 308 yards and four touchdowns.

Suddenly the talk of him joining the one-man dual-Heisman club doesn’t seem quite so insane …