Joe Flacco became the latest NFL player to chime on the phenomenon of Tim Tebow. It’s a story that has shifted beyond the walls of the sporting world and has created a larger dialogue (have some questioned their faith?).

I understand there is frustration associated with the 24-hour “All Tebow, All The Time” coverage. I don’t know that I agree with the proposition that the national media ignored the Ravens’ wins over Pittsburgh this season.

In fact, I remember myriad stories coming into and heading out of Week 1. “Could Flacco beat the Steelers?”

Am I the only one to remember those debates? It was the thing that dominated the preseason analysis of the Ravens. After the win, Flacco and the Ravens received their love in the press for winning the first round (they got proper love for earning the season sweep), but lest we forget, this is a perennial conference title contender.

The “he just wins” (I know he’s piled up a ton of them) doesn’t work in Baltimore. It doesn’t work in New York – never has.

You’re expected to win double-digit for the Ravens, and even in the Baltimore press, Flacco’s efforts are dissected and plays are singled out in convincing wins. The defense receives the headlines (Suggs this year) and Ray Rice is a favorite in fantasyland. But, it’s business as usual there (and in New York).

For Tebow and the Broncos, it’s a new world order. They were 1-4 and sinking. Plugging in Tebow was, at the time, more a PR move than a football move. And, it’s worked. And week after week, regardless of circumstance, it’s worked. The legend grew.

Again, this isn’t just about football. SI put the man on the cover twice in four weeks. I want to know the sell-through numbers at supermarket checkouts. He moves the needle. He incites passion.

We, as football consumers, know well the ins and outs of each team. We know the players, the stats and break it down in every manner possible. The Tebow story is for the masses.

The ticker-tape parade brings coverage. The big dance in Indianapolis brings the spotlight. Given the chance in the playoffs, Flacco will have the opportunity to