Brett Favre is the first man that I can remember to be revived from “OUT” status to starting a game. That means that “sneaky” Flex play Joe Webb is only going to see the field if Favre leaves because of an injury or through some gadgetry.

Adrian Peterson has been affected by myriad lower-leg injuries, and it’s been reported that he’ll sit down tonight. Toby Gerhart assumes the starting role against the stout Chicago run defense. If you handcuffed Gerhart to AP for such an event, get to the switching. However, it should be noted that Gerhart has also been banged up and battling a hamstring injury.

If this move seals your fate, I raise my glass in your honor. If this move allows you to move into the next round without sweating it out, then I’ll raise a glass to you, too. Given the weather issues affecting seemingly everyone across the land, I’m sure a lot of elbows have already been bent.

Lock and load. It’s the grand finale of Week 15.