To call the current climate surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers tense and confrontational would be gross understatements. Major League Baseball has stepped into the day-to-day operations and a number of payroll transactions and top-level decisions are being put under the proverbial microscope.

On Tuesday afternoon, Los Angeles owner Frank McCourt sat down in the hot seat for two segments with “The Petros & Money” show. It’s part of his media campaign here in Los Angeles to share his side of the ownership battle.

There would be no easy here. Every question that had crossed the minds of Dodgers fans and pundits found its way into the conversation, as Petros & Money did not hold back. The rumored payouts, financial decisions, security concerns and personnel questions all get their run here.

Listen to Frank McCourt joins Petros & Money

I believe that Petros tapped into part of a larger conversation when he asked McCourt about the stewardship of the historic franchise. Who truly owns the institution?

Take a listen.