Jeter, batting out of the leadoff spot, homered in his second at-bat against David Price to reach the hallowed milestone. Jeter singled in the first inning to notch hit 2,999 and wasted no time getting to the finish line.

It was his third home run of the season. Now, there had obviously been a lot of talk about the hit this week, but few could have anticipated that Jeter would homer to reach the mark.

The question now becomes — what’s the ball worth?

Would you give it back?
Would you hold him ransom?
What would be the price for turning it over to Jeter?

Remember, the home run balls of the PEDs era were fetching hundred of thousands and even into the millions. Here, you’ve got “The Captain,” the revered hero in the Bronx who has just gone to work. Oh yeah, he’s the first Yankee to reach this mark. In a team history replete with sluggers, Jeter stands out. It is truly an historic item.

Hate the Yankees. Respect the milestone … and enjoy the gratuitous shots of Minka Kelly.