Earlier Saturday night, Chael Sonnen took down Michael Bisping in the co-main event of the FOX card from Chicago. His victory sets up a rematch with Anderson Silva for the middleweight crown. Sonnen secured the win and then toed the line of WWE-dom with his post-match Q&A with Joe Rogan.

I like the style and attitude. Get tongues wagging and leave ’em with a good sound byte. Television and radio shows that normally bypass the action will circle back for a recap when they get a good drop.

Jonas Knox of FOX Sports Radio recently stared into a mirror and tried to get inside Sonnen’s head.

Here’s his vision of the contender. To say he’s a bit of a blowhard is like saying Jeffrey Dahmer was a bit of a meat eater.

Jonas Knox of FOX Sports Radio Introduces Chael Sonnen of the UFC