What can I say?

There are some movies that just hit you the right way. You have the phenomenon known as “being Shawshanked.” That is to say, “Shawshank Redemption” has become one of those movies that forces you to put an end to the channel-surfing and sit on the remote control.

Over time, “Napoleon Dynamite” has become one of those movies for me. The cult classic didn’t resonate with me immediately, much like “Anchorman” left me wanting in my first viewing. I know. “Anchorman” is now a staple of all show prep and random outbursts – not to mention that it indulged my love of tridents – but it registered just a “pretty funny” tag out of the gate. The ballad of Uncle Rico hit me much the same way. I now stop and watch Jon Heder and Jon Gries work through the angst whenever I spot it while unwinding at the end of the day.

FOX Searchlight decided to commemorate the movie’s 10th anniversary by getting the stars and director together to talk about its creation and place in teen movie history. And … they busted out a sweet statue on the FOX lot. I’m ready for a selfie.

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