Los Angeles has been the sports capital in recent months, but certainly not for anything positive. I take that back. Who would have ever expected that the pride of Los Angeles would be wearing a Clippers jersey?

    The Lakers were dumped from the playoffs unceremoniously by the Mavericks and went out with several cheapshots from Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum (after Ron Artest had given J.J. Barea a forearm shiver in Game 2).

    The Pau Gasol sub-plot intrigued tabloid journalists everywhere.

    I don’t need to belabor the discussion of the Dodgers. The McCourt divorce has eroded the glory of a once-proud franchise and has beaten down the fanbase.

Then, an interview appeared in The Sporting News with UCLA and NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that addressed, only briefly, his omission in the run of statues being constructed outside Staples Center. The discussion about the statue expanded in the Twitter-verse (@kaj33) and spilled into one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere and on sports radio.

On Thursday afternoon, “The Captain” joined “The Petros & Money” show on FOX Sports Radio to discuss the statue issue, his “On the Shoulders of Giants” film (available for streaming on Netflix on Friday and the future of the Lakers. Abdul-Jabbar spoke about his work with Andrew Bynum and spoke candidly about his growing frustration with the franchise.

Check it out.