Brian Kelly was hoping to get the season started in style on “The Emerald Isle.” Instead, he’s facing another preseason issue following commentator Allen Pinkett’s comments about the makeup of the Notre Dame roster. The need for “criminals,” as Pinkett put it during an interview with The Score 670 in Chicago, has blown up into a national topic.

Listen to the entire interview and you’ll hear how Dan McNeil and Matt Spiegel (“The McNeil & Spiegel Show”) try to offer Pinkett opportunities to clarify or restate his position. Pinkett has been sidelined for this game and is reportedly returning from Ireland as his role is reevaluated.

“You need a few bad citizens on the team.”

UPDATED with a better link to the entirety of the conversation.

The link to the full interview is embedded within Matt Spiegel’s response to criticism about how the interview conducted. Read Spiegel’s take and hear the entire interview here .

Incidents such as underage drinking, bar fights, cussing in public and the like are cited as positives by Pinkett.