Over the past week, we’ve heard one million and one takes on the Ndamukong Suh stomp from Thanksgiving Day. Some have taken the outrage to laughable levels. I called for the two or three-game suspension late last week because of Suh’s growing reputation, the Thanksgiving stage and the emphasis being placed on cleaning up the image of the game.

I’ve been most interested to hear the assessment of the situation from guys that battled in the trenches pre-1995 (arbitrary date, but thinking about the coverage, the cameras, the fantasy realm, NFL Network, etc.).

You want colorful stories? You want insights and to paint the backdrop of this game? Go grab a couple of linemen – offensive or defensive. Grab a sandwich (or two) and a quality lager … and pay attention.

Each week, I spend a few minutes talking about the league and fantasyland on ESPN 970 with Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley, current broadcasters in Pittsburgh who logged a ton of snaps for the Steelers. As I knew he would, Wolf offered his opinion of the Suh situation and the media fallout. Check out Wolfley on Suh .