The NFL lockout leaves fans anxious, forcing them to contemplate new activities for the Fall.

Safety Tom Zbikowski of the Ravens is the first NFL player to lay the hammer down, literally, on his second career. He’s returned to the boxing ring, where he excelled at Notre Dame. Zbikowski took down his opponent, Richard Bryant, in under two minutes.

”I was looking to get a little more work but you take a win any way you can get it. I know I hurt him with the hook, you could feel the air come out, ” Zbikowski said.

You have to love the swagger and Zbikowski’s commitment to the craft. He earned $50,000 for this bout and has already scheduled another fight for the end of March (March 26th in Atlantic City, New Jersey).

Zbikowski’s got his future nailed down. Jacksonville linebacker Kirk Morrison began his foray into broadcasting with his new show on FOX Sports Radio on Saturday night. Welcome to the family, Kirk.

What should the other players do?

Should reality shows start to absorb some players and coaches? Put an active coach on “Survivor” or give Rex Ryan a talk show? Chad Ochocinco can host a game show … or maybe somebody follows around kickers for a few weeks …