You can finish the thought.

It’s a concept that makes you go “Ewwww.” It just does. You all remember the “Friends” episode where drinking Phoebe’s breast milk became a gag. The concept of breast milk consumption has been out there before and frankly, I’m surprised it took so long for this concept to come into reality.

I ran across this story on the wire and couldn’t help but chuckle. The ice cream purveyors are taking the idea of “organic” to a whole new level with the introduction of breast milk ice cream. Sure, it includes vanilla pods and lemon zest, but nobody cares much about the other ingredients. In fact, they describe this confection as the ultimate “organic, free-range treat.” (I almost typed teat.)

They call it “Baby Gaga,” and charged $23 per serving. The milk is provided by 15 women who answered an advertisement in an online mothers’ message board (they received $24 for 10 oz. of, umm, product). I want to see the text of the ad. I haven’t found it just yet.

What I do know is that the shop has already sold out of the initial offering.

If this became available at a restaurant or dessert shop in your area, would you try it?