This will be brief.

I’m sitting back with some great background fodder while banging out some numbers for my Week 2 Lineup Calls pieces and a run of radio on Thursday. It’s the season premiere of one of my favorite guilty pleasures, “Hell’s Kitchen,” on FOX.

The first hour just ended on the DVR, and there’s clearly been an emphasis on finding “characters” this time out. I applaud the casting department and scouts who put this one together. I’m feeling just a little bit better about my ranting and rambling — I’m at least coherent (most of the time).

One of the things I’ll be adding to the Dome, now that we’re in the new fall season, is write-ups of my faves with some of the mutant decision-making processes and edit questions tossed out. The reality competition shows get me going, particularly when the business stuff starts flowing.

Who? What? Why?

Phenomenal stuff – let’s get rocking.