Action shots and still photos for trading are fine and good, but memorabilia and autographs are where it’s at. That’s why an email I received about a new card set piqued my interest. SportKings offers a huge collection of legendary names and bridges the past to today’s heroes. The new set includes autographs of Muhammad Ali, for instance, and memorabilia cards of Bjorn Borg.

But one insert set rules the day. They’ve assembled a checklist of “Top 50 Broadcasters” — a veritable “Who’s Who” behind the microphone. Cosell, Harry Carey, Jack Brickhouse, Al Michaels, Harry Kalas and so many more. That’s a piece to put together.

Check out the Cosell!

Top 50 Broadcasters

TBC-VS Vin Scully
TBC-MA Mel Allen
TBC-RB Red Barber
TBC-CG Curt Gowdy
TBC-HC Howard Cosell
TBC-BC Bob Costas
TBC-JM Jim McKay
TBC-KJ Keith Jackson
TBC-AM Al Michaels
TBC-DE Dick Enberg
TBC-JB Jack Buck
TBC-TH Ted Husing
TBC-JBR Jack Brickhouse
TBC-DD Don Dunphy
TBC-GM Graham McNamee
TBC-EH Ernie Harwell
TBC-MAL Marv Albert
TBC-HCA Harry Caray
TBC-JMI Jon Miller
TBC-BS Bill Stern
TBC-CH Chick Hearn
TBC-MG Marty Glickman
TBC-JW Jack Whitaker
TBC-JN Jim Nantz
TBC-CS Chris Schenkel
TBC-LN Lindsey Nelson
TBC-RH Russ Hodges
TBC-RS Ray Scott
TBC-JMA John Madden
TBC-BP Bob Prince
TBC-JBU Joe Buck
TBC-MH Milo Hamilton
TBC-BW Bob Wolff
TBC-CT Chuck Thompson
TBC-CB Chris Berman
TBC-PR Phil Rizzuto
TBC-MB Marty Brennaman
TBC-CM Clem McCarthy
TBC-BWA Bill Walton
TBC-FH Foster Hewitt
TBC-HK Harry Kalas
TBC-JMO Johnny Most
TBC-BE Bob Elson
TBC-BM Brent Musburger
TBC-PS Pat Summerall
TBC-MHA Merle Harmon
TBC-DV Dick Vitale
TBC-DS Dick Stockton
TBC-TK Tony Kubek
TBC-BCO Bud Collins