It’s only appropriate that I post this while watching Ocean’s Eleven in the middle of the night. The fight scene and blackout just occurred – to give the specificity of my viewing pleasure.

We often see television shows or movies detailing big-time organized crime rings or packs like George Clooney and his band of merry men. Well, this theft in Germany didn’t include a Brink’s Truck – no gold bars, expensive art or cold, hard cash. Rather, the
thieves liked their chocolate and hazelnuts.

Seriously, the report is that 20 tons of Nutella and special Kinder Surprise Eggs were stolen. Surprisingly, police only valued the 40,000 pounds of confections at just above $80,000. This tale is so sordid that Russian crime syndicates are discussed in relation to prior heists.


That begs the question. Which sweet, beverage or food item would you try to abscond with to pad your cupboards and bank accounts?